About the ICCE

The International Consortium for Court Excellence currently consists of international judicial institutions with expertise in court and judicial administration. Representing significant international experience in the application of court quality management models, they have joined to promote court excellence.

The Consortium has developed an International Framework for Court Excellence. The Framework assesses a court’s performance against seven areas of excellence, and provides guidance for courts to improve their performance. It utilises recognised organisational improvement methodologies while reflecting the special issues that courts face.

The Framework also incorporates links to case studies, court performance improvement processes and a range of available tools to measure court performance and development.

The Consortium regularly edits and revises the Framework to reflect new systems and initiatives directed at improving how courts deliver services. It represents a process for an all-encompassing approach to achieving court excellence rather than simply addressing limited aspects of court activity.

As a result, it applies to all courts and is equally effective for large urban courts and smaller rural or remote courts.

The Consortium is currently a non-incorporated group of organisations and courts that has an interest in the promotion of excellence in court and judicial administration. The copyright in the Framework and supporting material produced by the Consortium is held by the National Center for State Courts USA for the use and production of founding members of the Consortium.

Executive Committee and Governance

The Executive Committee appoints Members after due consideration of applications received.

The Membership List is reviewed annually by the Executive Committee to ensure the status of members remains accurate.

The Executive Committee is made up of Founding Members and other representatives. The current members are:

Laurie Glanfield AM
Deputy President
Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration

Elizabeth C. Wiggins
Project Director
Federal Judicial Center

Timothy Hughes
Sr. Legal Counsel & Director of Programs
National Center for State Courts

Victor Yeo
Principal District Judge
State Courts of Singapore

Isabelle Laferrière Schrank
Program Manager, International Programs
National Center for State Courts

Edward Simarmatta
ICCE Executive Committee Term Member

The Honorable Robert J. Torres
Associate Justice
Supreme Court of Guam


To become a member, organisations should email the Executive Committee via the ICCE Secretariat.