Self-assessment Questionnaire


The self-assessment checklist has been updated as of March 2013.  Please click below to access the latest version of this resource.



 IFCE Self-Assessment Checklist (PDF)



The Court Excellence Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a component of the International Framework for Court Excellence.  A PDF version of the Questionnaire can be found here, and a downloadable Excel version here.  Further a PDF for the simplified checklist contained in the Thinking of Implementing the International Framework for Court Excellence can be accessed here, and a downloadable Excel version here.

The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research ( within the NSW Department of Justice, Australia have built an online version of the survey so that it might be deployed in jurisdictions around the world. The survey has been developed in SurveyMonkey. This document tells you how to administer the survey in your jurisdiction.  If you are interested in developing your own version of this survey for deployment by your own court or organization, please click here for further information.



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