Self-assessment Questionnaire


The self-assessment checklist has been updated as of March 2013.  Please click below to access the latest version of this resource.



 IFCE Self-Assessment Checklist (PDF)



The Court Excellence Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a component of the International Framework for Court Excellence.  A PDF version of the Questionnaire can be found here, and a downloadable Excel version here.  Further a PDF for the simplified checklist contained in the Thinking of Implementing the International Framework for Court Excellence can be accessed here, and a downloadable Excel version here.


A SurveyMonkey (paid service) version of the Questionnaire is also available from NCSC.  For information on purchasing a SurveyMonkey account and receiving the SurveyMonkey version of the Questionnaire, please review the guide here.  Please note that SurveyMonkey is a survey service that is used by NCSC, but NCSC is unaffiliated with SurveyMonkey and does not provide customer service for that system's use.


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